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The Monastery of Virgin Mary

In 1542, two monks from Paros founded the first cells and the church, in the same area where the old church, devoted to the Presentation of Mother Mary, used to be. However, the monastery of Mother Mary of Tourlos obtained its final shape almost two hundred years later, when in 1757 the monk Ignatius Bassoulas was forced to retire inside and renovate it. Dazzled by the wealth of the Western Church, during his stay in Italy he had embraced Catholicism, however when he returned to his homeland he repented and decided to atone. Having worked for ten years and after having spent a large part of his private assets, the abbot could boast about having constructed a holly “fortress” with a wonderful wooden carved iconostasis, covered all in gold leaf by Italian craftsmen, while for the Episcopal throne and the Pulpit of the 18th century it is said that they have been crafted in Florence… The residential area of Ano Mera was developed around the monastery of Virgin Mary of Troulos. Today, the monastery collection encompasses a large number of religious artifacts, vestments, tools, liturgical objects, icons and offerings.


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