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Asteria Mosaic Art

Irene Syrianou teaches the ancient art of the mosaic to younger and elders. Through her space, Asteria Mosaic Art, she brings us in contact with the famous mosaics of Delos while she recommends replicas or plain copies (in any size, upon request) and jewelry, all made of inlays cut by hand, one by one! At the store, you will also find contemporary creations of marble, marble hearts, and jewelry by Nikos Benos-Palmer. During the day, in the public garden of Cine Manto in Mykonos town, Irene has mosaic lessons. She guides people of all ages to create mosaic artwork. The lesson lasts for a little more than an hour. Each participant is provided with a frame, tessarae, and mosaic tiles to make their own keepsake mosaic.

Aghios Vlassis, Chora