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Floating Museum "Evaggelistria"

In the face of modern challenges, Mykonos of Culture strengthens its identity in every way. The cargo sailing ship, type "Perama" Evangelistria, was built in Syros in 1940 by the famous shipwright Mavrikos on behalf of the Mykonian shipwright Antoni Boni. Until 1978, the vessel was used for cargo transport, serving the needs of the Aegean islands. It stopped working that year and was decommissioned in Syros, where it sat for eleven years out of the water and was nearly destroyed. It is about to be saved, and George Drakopoulos, the founder of the Aegean Maritime Museum (NMA), has asked its owner to donate it to the Museum and the Municipality of Mykonos. The NMA began work on the repair and restoration of the "Mavrikos" brothers' carnage. Since then, the vessel has been regularly maintained and docked so that it can be visited as a floating museum. It was officially designated as a pirate vessel for the study of shipbuilding history and maritime ethnology due to its exceptional shipbuilding abilities.

Saint Nikolaos of Kadena (Old Port), Mykonos