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In Mykonos, there are museums worth visiting for a culture lover. The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos is built at Kamnaki point above the old port. Its purpose is to house findings from the Purification Pit of the 5th century BC, which were discovered in Rhenia in 1898, as well as other tombs on the island. The Museum exhibits vases from prehistoric and post-Hellenistic times, statues, columns, and other very important value Pithos of Mykonos, a pithampora with reliefs from the Trojan War. The Folklore Museum of Mykonos is also an excellent museum located in Kastro, a little further from the famous Paraportiani, housed in an old shipowner's house. The Museum hosts collections of old furniture, ceramics, embroidery, and other important exhibits from the island. The Agricultural Museum embodies the idea of ​​an outdoor museum and houses exhibits from the Bonis mill and some newer agricultural facilities such as the threshing floor, the pigeon house, and the oven. The purpose of the museum is to save the element of rural island Greece. The Naval Museum of the Aegean is housed in a traditional Cycladic building of the 19th century, at Tria Pigadia. The museum hosts replicas of rowers, sailboats, and steamships, from the prehistoric period to the present day. In the museum, there is a collection of maps, engravings, and others, while the Naval museum also owns the boat "Evangelistria" which is in the old port during the summers.


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