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Mykonos is famous for its local products. In particular, the Mykonian “louza” and the Mykonos "kopanisti" are the two local flavors that one must try if one visits Mykonos. Louza is a typical meze, the famous sausages of Mykonos. It is a traditional sausage made from local pork, which comes from the whole fillet from the back of the animal with the fat. The meat is cooked with enough salt, pepper, and other herbs. It is served as an appetizer cut into thin slices. Kopanisti of Mykonos is a typical, quite spicy cheese, which is characteristic of its peppery taste. It can be accompanied by a glass of ouzo or other Greek aperitifs, on a slice of bread, in a soaked barley nut with tomato or cucumber. Kopanisti is the result of fermentation by a specialized cheesemaker based on local mixed cheese, mainly goat and sheep, which is matured and preserved in a glass or clay jar.


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