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Among the best beaches to visit are the Beaches: Ftelia, Kapari, Psarou, Ornos, Elia, Platys Gialos, Super Paradise and Paradise. Ftelia beach is a popular beach for windsurfing. Due to its winds, summer is not particularly favorable for swimming and sunbathing. Kapari beach is a hidden treasure in the western part of the island. It is an ideal destination for nudists and is an unorganized beach. Psarou beach is famous for its popular beach bars and the people who arrive every year from Greece and abroad. Ornos beach is the closest beach of Mykonos Town, which is an ideal destination for families. Elia beach is the largest beach of the island and is one of the quietest beaches. It is known for nudism and is a gay-friendly beach. Platys Gialos beach is one of the best beaches of the island. It has shallow and crystal clear waters, which is why it is preferred by families and is fully equipped with shops and restaurants, while at the same time various activities are provided. Super Paradise Beach is a must visit beach, ideal for families too. Paradise Beach is the famous beach for the parties that are organized and the countless tourists that it attracts every year. It is the number one destination for its wild nightlife and the multitude of infrastructure for marine activities it offers.


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