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Deep Blue

Featuring both delivery and onsite dining options, the Deep Blue brings right to your doorstep the finest, the freshest and most select gifts from the sea that’s right in our backyard. Handful of fishermen throughout the Aegean, deliver their catch of the day, every day of the week. Then it is the turn of the ingenious chefs who’ll transform these prime raw materials into the most palatable dishes. Take your pick between a wealth of tantalizing appetizers, epic salads made with seasonal, locally sourced vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, perennial classics, seafood pasta & risotto, inspired day specials and signature Mykonos sushi. Whether at its welcoming, design-savvy premises or in the privacy of your own home, Airbnb or villa, the Deep Blue offers fresh fish in Mykonos and premium seafood that’s seasonally and sustainably sourced.

Ano Mera (Provincial road), Mykonos