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St. Stefanos

Situated along the idyllic shores of St. Stefanos Beach, the beach bar and restaurant offer a captivating culinary experience paired with breathtaking sea views. Guests can delight in the mouthwatering grilled dishes of the day, including the irresistible chicken skewers and must-try pork (kontosouvli). Every bite is a tantalizing fusion of flavors, perfectly complemented by the mesmerizing beauty of Mykonos. During the day, visitors can unwind on comfortable sun beds, basking in the warm sun while enjoying refreshing cocktails. The serene sea view serves as a tranquil backdrop, creating a truly relaxing ambiance. St. Stefanos Beach Bar and Restaurant warmly welcome all to indulge in the epitome of grilled perfection, seaside bliss, and unforgettable moments. Come and discover the essence of beachside dining at its finest in Mykonos.

Saint Stefanos Beach, Mykonos