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Local glorifies Greek street food, offering the beloved souvlaki at its most delicious and quality version. Since the very first days of operation, the Local restaurant in Argyraina managed to win the locals' and visitors’ trust thanks to the high quality of first materials which come from local producers, the unbeatable taste, and fast service. The menu includes the classic souvlaki with traditional pita, gyros, chicken & pork skewer, kebab, fresh salads, barbeque dishes, burgers, meat on a spit (see kontosouvli, exochico) and Mykonian suggestions such as meatballs with red sauce, yogurt, and pita, cheese balls with tyrovolia cheese and fig jam which will accompany with a cold beer or a glass of wine at this warm space. If you wish to taste the Local delights at your place, there is also a delivery service available. Open 12:30-00:30.